Coronavirus Vaccine, The Beginning of The End

Can I lose the mask?

No you cannot.

Am I safe?

Yes and No

So why bother?

Many small drops make a river. The reason why measles, smallpox and polio have died in almost the whole world is because enough people were vaccinated. So the disease had no way to spread or reproduce, it starved and died.


2020 has been a long year, full of suffering and difficulty and loss. It will not be a year anyone alive will ever forget. But now it is 2021, a new year and new beginnings. The vaccine is here. All the hardship, all the precaution will be worth it if we get vaccinate and gain herd immunity. If we work together, help each other we can rid the world of this horror. With the vaccine we have a chance to end this nightmare for good.

New variants of the virus may come, but now the knowledge is there, the preventions exists, scientists have the means to evolve the vaccine just as fast if not faster. Initially it was a race, whether the virus infects us all or whether we discover the vaccine first, we won that race. Now it’s a marathon, whether we stay ahead with vaccination or we let the coronavirus catch up and renew the disaster that was 2020 by not vaccinating.



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